We have been very fortunate that during our time working in the aquatic industry we have been acknowledged with various awards. None of these would have been possible without the hard work and experience of all our staff and those who we have had the pleasure of working with. 

*ASCTA(QLD) Teacher of the Year: 2019

*Alan Ticehurst Memorial Award: Service to North Queensland Sport: 2013

*Women in Swimming: Rural Coaching Scholarship recipient: 2013

*Swim Australia Outstanding Community Service Award: 2012

*ASCTA(QLD) Teacher of the Year: 2012

*Presenter at the International Council for Coaching Excellence: 2012

*Presenter at the ASCTA National Conference: 2012

*ASCTA (QLD) Development Coach Mentor Scholarship: 2011

*ASCTA (VIC) Age Group Coach Special Achievement at Australian Age Championships Award: 2009

*ASCTA (QLD) Development Coach Mentor Scholarship: 2007